Programs, Ensembles, & Classes

Every program at MiPAC is open to every camper. You may play in every ensemble, every style, every genre — for no additional fees.

Overview: MiPAC Programs,  Ensembles, and Classes

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Placement Auditions

All campers will do a PLACEMENT AUDITION when they arrive. The results will determine your seating in all ensembles.

Just as The Sorting Hat will take your wishes into consideration, so too will your auditioners. You’re welcome to tell them if you would prefer any one program over any other!

MiPAC Programs: Quick Descriptions


  • Symphony Orchestra (up to 75 players)
  • Chamber Orchestra (up to 40 players)
  • Repertory Orchestra (reading group)


  • Symphonic Band (up to 75 players)
  • Wind Ensemble (up to 40 players)
  • Repertory Band (reading group)


  • Concert Choir (up to 200 singers)
  • Chamber Choir (up to 40 singers)
  • Jazz Choir (up to 30 singers plus instrumentalists)
  • Repertoire Choir (reading group)


  • Jazz Ensemble (up to 25 jazzers)
  • Lab Jazz Ensemble (up to 40 jazzers)

Small Ensemblessingers outdoors at summer music camp

  • Chamber Ensembles (multiple groups and instrument combinations)
  • Jazz Combos (multiple groups and instrument combinations)
  • Piano Ensembles
  • Rock Bands

New Workskeisuke-tim-crop

  • Songwriting
  • Beginning Composition
  • Composition
  • Filmmaking
  • New Musical Workshop


  • Acting
  • Conducting
  • Ear Training
  • History of Music
  • Music Theory (Levels 1–4)


  • Beginning Guitar
  • Beginning Piano
  • Piano Techniques
  • Improvisation
  • Musical Theater Repertory